Bespoke Design

We do a lot of work with various animal charities and we now do a lot of bespoke designs and Xmas designs for these charities.
It all started with one of our original designs in the ‘Headliners’ range, firstly the greyhound design and then the horse design. A few of the charities liked the design and took it as it was in it’s original form. Then they asked us if we could do some more designs for their charities, so that is what Marc did. He came up with another 27 greyhound designs and 18 horse designs. The charities loved them and asked if we could personalise the cards with their own logo on the back, so we did.

The next step was Xmas and we were asked to come up with some bespoke designs for Xmas packs for the charities. Marc again came up with the designs and they are selling very well.

You just choose the design  you like or if you prefer two designs and we produce Xmas packs of 6 cards or 10 cards. In actual fact you could see a design in any of our ranges that you like and we will come up with more designs around your ideas or Marc’ ideas. You can even call us and have a chat about an idea you have and we will produce something for you, it is that simple.

The other thing about our bespoke designs is that you don’t have to take massive numbers as long as you don’t mind waiting a bit, sometimes.

The reason we say that is I do have a minimum print run of cards so if a few orders come in that hit that figure we are good to go.

I hope this is of interest to you and please get in touch to discuss with us your bespoke greeting card requirements.